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Monday, May 11, 2015

Where to Buy Soft Face Baby Alive 2006

We often post videos with our soft face Baby Alive dolls on YouTube, such as this one:

We often get comments asking where people can get their own Baby Alive 2006, and I often answer them with Baby Alive Soft Face on eBay, because that is where we bought both of our Baby Alive 2006 Dolls. One of them actually is a Baby Alive from 2006, and the other is a 2009 Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, but they are nearly exactly the same.

The difference between the 2006 Baby Alive and the 2009 Baby Alive Real Surprises doll are the following:

  • Different colored bracelets
  • Different colored bottles
  • Different colored bowls
  • Different colored spoons
  • Different Dresses
Those are literally the only differences in these two Baby Alive dolls. They look the same and work the same. They are both sooo cute! So if you are searching for one of these beautiful dolls with soft moving faces, then you could potentially search for either Baby Alive 2006, Baby Alive Soft Face, Baby Alive 2009, or even Baby Alive Real Surprises (Though beware there is a newer Baby Alive Real Surprises doll that does not have the soft face). 

Some things to consider before purchasing a Baby Alive doll from eBay:

  • Read the description CAREFULLY!
  • Does the description say if the doll works?
  • Does the description say if the doll comes with accessories?
  • How much will shipping be?
All of these things are important to consider before bidding on an eBay auction. Sometimes sellers will post dolls that do not work, and if the description doesn't specifically say that the doll works, you may want to contact the seller to ask if the doll for sure works. 

It is important to get a Baby Alive with its original accessories, because many Baby Alive dolls (the 2006 Baby Alive doll, included) utilize magnetic accessories that trigger the doll's ability to interact while she eats and drinks. Without the magnetic bottle and spoon, your doll will not know when to make the drinking and eating noises. (If an auction does not include the magnetic bottle and spoon, you can either purchase them separately, or make your own accessories).

It is always important to consider how much shipping is when bidding on an eBay auction, because it is added to the price you will have to pay if you win a lovely Baby Alive doll on eBay. So consider the shipping price in your budget before bidding.

Good Luck on getting your very own 2006 Soft Face Baby Alive Doll!