Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Friday, December 1, 2017

New 18 Pack of Baby Alive Diapers from Toys R Us!

Our poor little Baby Alive Brushy Brushy Baby doll's pants wouldn't pull up over her diaper. 

The diaper was too big for her pants to fit over it!

At ToysRUs we found a huge 18 pack of Baby Alive diapers for $12.99. 

Look at all of the diapers. 18 Baby Alive Diapers is a LOT!

The diapers are the new Baby Alive gender neutral diapers that work for boy and girl Baby Alive dolls. 

Let's take off her too big diaper and change her into a new diaper!

This looks like it will fit WAY better. :-)

Lets put it on and see how it fits!

Oh! It looks perfect on her!

Time to put her cute little pajama pants back on! Aren't they cute with little toothbrushes and bunnies?

Put your little foot in Baby Girl <3

It is still a little tight going on over her diaper.. But it works way better than over the bigger diaper.

I think it is safe to say that little Emma is happy with her new diapers!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Baby Alive Brushy Brushy Baby Doll Morning Routine

Look who is awake. Our new Baby Alive Brushy Brushy Baby Doll. I bet she is hungry for her morning bottle. 

Let's go make her bottle for her.

Which juice should we choose? How about the Orange Doll Juice, since it is breakfast. :-)

I opened the package. It looks really crumbley and chunky.

Let's pour it in her bottle. 

Mmm looks delicious!

Let's pour in the water!

And shake it up! Mmm Doesn't it look yummy for her?

Here you go baby girl. Your bottle is all ready.

Mmm she really likes that, doesn't she?

Gulp Gulp Gulp. She is drinking her bottle so good.

Now to change her diaper! Let's wipe her little bottom!

Look how much she filled her diaper with pee!

Time to change out of your pajamas.

Now to put on your pretty dress.

Isn't she so cute??!!?

Here's Mr. Bunny for you to cuddle. Awe, she likes that!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Baby Alive Brushy Brushy Baby Doll

We unboxed a new Baby Alive Brushy Brushy Baby. We got her at a Super Thursday sale at Walmart. This doll is discontinued, but sold as a special sale for the holidays. We were so glad to find her.

She came with a purple sippy cup to give her drinks.

A brand New Baby Alive diaper

Her own little rotating toothbrush

A tube of Baby Alive Toothpaste

When you squeeze the tube, the toothpaste comes out to put on her toothbrush

Look at her pretty teeth. So cute!

Time to brush your teeth Baby Girl

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Bonus Pack Walmart Exclusive

We recently got the NEW Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Bonus Pack from Walmart. 

She came with her own hair brush.

Her own little Juice Box

A little Baby Alive Bandaid

A little handkerchief to dry her tears

A thermometer

A stethoscope

A doctor's checklist

Bandaids and stickers

A little swaddle blanket

Some sweet little pajamas

A bear lovie

And here she is. Isn't she so precious?

Look how cute she looks in her pajamas? Absolutely Adorable!

She looks so comfy in her swaddle blankie. Isn't she a little sweetheart?