Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby Alive Doll Twin Center

We recently got the new Baby Alive Doll Twin Center for our Baby Alive Dolls.

It is really cool and has two beds for our baby dolls. Including a little blanket that says Baby Alive on it.

We tried out the top bunk with our Sweet Tears Baby Alive Doll, Crystal. Isn't she cute in it??

Here she is all covered up with the Baby Alive comforter. So presh!

We put our Baby Alive Snackin' Luke, Sean Patrick, on the bottom bunk. He looks cute in it, even though the colors are pink. 

Underneath both of the beds is a storage section with two little storage drawers. 

We put some Baby Alive Doll food in one drawer, including the dough food, and a little Baby Alive Strawberry Yogurt and a Strawberry Yogurt doll spoon in the left side drawer.

In the other drawer, we put a Baby Alive Magic Milk Bottle and a Baby Alive Spray bottle.

The Doll Twin Center also has two little high chairs for the babies. Here is Meredith, our Baby Alive Better Now baby in one side. 

Doesn't she look so cute sitting in it?

Our Baby Alive Baby's Got New Teeth Doll, Kelsey, got to try out the other side high chair.

She is such a little sweetheart sitting there in it.

This Baby Alive Doll Twin Center is a really sweet set, and we highly recommend it to anyone with more than one Baby Alive Doll. With two beds, two high chairs, two hangers, and two storage bins, it really is an efficient way to care for Baby Alive dolls. 

What do you think of it?? We think it is really cute and FUN!

Monday, October 23, 2017

World's Smallest Toys for Baby Alive Crib Life Dolls

We recently unboxed a couple of the "World's Smallest" toys. These toys are SO CUTE, and make perfect toys for our Baby Alive Crib Life Dolls. They are the perfect size!

First we opened this adorable Rock A Stack. We really loved it. It is just like the full sized version, except the rings don't come off at all. This was a little disappointing, because we wanted our Baby Alive Crib Life doll to try her hand at stacking, but overall, it is an adorable toy for her. 

We also opened this adorable little Fisher Price Little People Bus. It is also very cute, but the Little People do not come out of the bus. This is probably a good thing, because it would be easy to lose such tiny Little People. The bus makes an engine popping sound as you push it across the floor, and the bus driver's head even woggles back and forth as he drives. A super addition to our Baby Alive Crib Life's toy collection.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Throwback -- Our FIRST Baby Alive Dolls

This is a photo of my FIRST Violet. My original Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby Doll. She was really sweet. I wish I still had her. I do have another Violet just like her, now, but we do not use our Real Surprises Baby Alive dolls much, for fear that they will break. 

Here is my original Violet in our purple car seat. She was playing with a rattle hanging from the handle on her seat. I love how her eyes are half opened. It makes her seem a little sleepy. Notice she is wearing the BONUS Dress and Vest that came in the bonus pack of the Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll at Walmart during the Christmas Season. She is also wearing little black patent shoes that came from Walmart. They are made for the My Life As dolls from Walmart, but they fit her perfectly.

Isn't she so sweet. Look at her here holding her little stuffed bunny. She looks so sleepy and cute with her little pacifier that she came with.

Sadly, however, after feeding my original Violet doll a LOT, she stopped working. I tried taking her apart to fix her, but it was hopeless. She is such a cute baby, but after going through several Baby Alive Real Surprises Dolls, we figured out that her pipe somehow gets loose inside her, which allows liquids to leak on her electronic parts. This is why we only feed our Real Surprises dolls rarely. We do they they are so sweet, but do not want them to break.

Overall, the Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls are SO cute. I love how she is a little sassy and teases and turns her head when we try to feed her. But she does break easily, so anyone looking for this Baby Alive doll needs to beware that she may not be able to talk if you feed her too much. 

All that said, however, this is an adorable little Baby Alive doll. She doesn't have a soft face, but her head turns at the neck and her eyes close when she is laid down, which makes her able to sleep or be awake. 

Do you have this doll? Does it still work? Let us know. I would love to hear if anyone has a success story of keeping her working if they feed her very often.

Also, who loves the food packet dolls the best? I know many people prefer the play doh eating dolls, but we often hear that people are really missing the food packet dolls, and wish Hasbro would come out with a new food packet eating baby. What do you think?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Which Baby Alive Dolls can use the Pacifier from the New Mommy Kit?

We are loving our Baby Alive New Mommy Kit. It came with a lot of different accessories. You can see our blog post about it here.

One of our favorite accessories with the New Mommy Kit is the NEW Baby Alive Pacifier. It is so blue and cute with three little hearts. Isn't it adorable?? What do you think about it?

We had someone request that we show which Baby Alive dolls could use the New Mommy Kit Pacifier, so we made a video trying the new pacifier with several of our Baby Alive dolls. 

Here is Kelsey our Baby Alive Baby's got NEW Teeth Doll. The new pacifier fits easily into her mouth and looks so adorable on her. Don't you think?

We also tried the pacifier on our Baby Alive Baby Go Bye-Bye Doll, but unfortunately her mouth was too small, and the pacifier couldn't go in her mouth. Ah well..

Beatrix, our Baby Alive 2006 doll can use the pacifier. It looks really cute on her, doesn't it? The blue in the pacifier brings out her beautiful blue eyes.

We didn't have any luck getting the pacifier in our Baby Alive Hairstyles baby from Kohl's. Her mouth was just too small. 

Our Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Luke doll can use the pacifier. Do you think it looks okay on a baby boy like our Sean Patrick? It is a little loose in his mouse, but it does work okay.

Unfortunately, our Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Noodles Baby has too tiny of a mouth to fit the new pacifier. Her noodle snackin' mouth is just way too small. 

But we were excited when the pacifier fit well into our Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll. It is a little loose, but works well enough. I think it looks cute in her little mouth. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Baby Alive New Mommy Kit

We recently got to unbox the brand new Baby Alive New Mommy Kit

This Baby Alive set includes:

Diaper Bag

Baby Swaddle

1 Onesie

2 Diapers

Key Toy


Snack Jar

Wipe Case with Wipes


Each part of the Baby Alive New Mommy Kit is really cute. We decided to try things on our Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll, and they all fit her perfectly. 

First, we put on the striped diaper

Then, we decided to try the cute heart onesie on her:

Then, we decided to try the adorable little pacifier with her, and it fit in her mouth perfectly

Then, we tried her little baby swaddle blanket on and gave her the Key Toy

We fed her from the snack jar with her Baby Alive Spoon

Nom Nom... She LOVES it!

She loved it. After that we packed all of the accessories in her Diaper Bag

Now she has her Diaper Bag all ready to go

What do you think of it?