Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby Alive Doll Juice Packets

As a Baby Alive YouTuber, I often get asked:

"Where can I get Baby Alive Doll Juice Packets?"

The truth is that they are really hard to find anymore. They used to be available at Walmart, ToysRUs, and other stores that sold Baby Alive items, but I rarely find them, anymore. The last store I found them in was actually a KMart.

With that being said, it isn't hopeless! Sometimes I buy Baby Alive Doll Juice Packets on eBay. Here is a link that may help:

Baby Alive Doll Juice on eBay

Also, Toys R Us USED to sell a HUGE Super Refill Pack. The pack included 10 Baby Alive Diapers, 10 Baby Alive Food Packets, and 10 Baby Alive Juice Packets. This pack was great, and we made a video unboxing it a while back, if you want to see:

Ebay will often sell this Super Refill Pack. Here is a link that may help you find it, if you are interested:

Baby Alive Super Refill Pack

Be careful, though. There is a NEWER version of a Baby Alive Super Refill Pack that does NOT come with juice. So be sure you get the one that looks the same as the one in my video, if you are after juice. The newer Refill pack is still very cool, but it comes with 15 Baby Alive diapers and 15 Baby Alive doll food packets, instead of juice. :-)

If you really want doll juice, right now, and you do not have any Baby Alive Doll juice packets, there are some simple methods that you can make your own doll juice or milk.

Baby Alive Doll Orange Juice:

Bottle of Water
A tiny bit of white washable tempera paint
1 drop of orange or yellow food coloring

Mix ingredients for perfect Baby Alive Doll Orange Juice :-)

Baby Alive Doll Apple Juice:

Bottle of Water
Brown Marker
A small piece of paper

Color with brown marker on paper. Put paper into bottle of water and stir around until water is Apple Juice colored. Remove Paper. And you have perfect Baby Alive Doll Apple Juice!

Baby Alive Doll Milk:

Bottle of Water
A tiny bit of white washable tempera paint

Add a tiny bit of white tempera paint to water and stir for perfect Baby Alive Doll Milk!

Alternate Method for Baby Alive Doll Milk:

Bottle of Water
A tiny bit of lotion

Add a small amount of lotion to water and stir for perfect Baby Alive Doll Milk. :-)

Good Luck! I hope this helps. Comment down below if you have any questions!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll

The Baby Alive Real Surprises Dolls are really cute and fun to play with! Here is a picture of Zoe with a Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll. She named her Eloise. :-)

Sadly, Zoe no longer has Eloise. She went through several different blonde Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls, and ended up taking her back, because she kept breaking. She really regretted taking her back, though, even though she stopped working, because she really loves Eloise. 

Anyway, so in REVIEW of the Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, I have to come right out and say that these dolls do stop working easily. I think they get wet inside, if they are fed very often. Zoe fed baby Eloise A LOT, and after having several Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls, they always stopped working.

We did end up getting two more of this type of Baby Alive Dolls. Violet and Rosie are our FOREVER Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls. So far, they STILL work. Mainly, I think, because we don't feed them very often. We LOVE feeding these dolls, but we are scared they will stop working.

The GOOD things about this doll:

First of all, LOOK. She is absolutely one of the CUTEST Baby Alive Dolls that has ever been made:

Violet playing in her car seat

Violet Sucking her Thumb in her Play Pen

She is absolutely ADORABLE. And, her voice is precious. She has SO much personality. She plays a little trick on you when you feed her, by turning away and saying "No Thank You" when you feed her. Or she will say, "Yuck". Then she says, "Just Kidding" and giggles. It's so cute!! 

Anyway, to sum up the Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll, I would have to say that this baby is AMAZING, but beware that there are no guarantees that they will always work. We have had probably 7 of these dolls STOP WORKING. Or the turning head function would get stuck permanently in the side facing position. 

Overall, though, I DO still recommend this Baby Doll. They are no longer available in stores, and I often get questions about "WHERE TO GET a BABY ALIVE REAL SURPRISES DOLL". So, here is a link to help you find your very own Baby Alive Real Surprises. 

Beware, if you buy this doll in used condition. Please be sure to read the description carefully, and/or even ask the seller if the doll works properly. :-)