Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Morning Routine

Today we did a MORNING ROUTINE with our Baby Alive Better Now Bailey (Brunette), and posted the video on YouTube:

For those of you who are unable to watch the video, I thought I would do the Morning Routine in a sort of BLOG format. This is the abridged version of this morning routine.

Friday, August 18, 2017

NEW Baby Born Interactive Doll from Target -- 2017

We found a really cute and new Baby Born Doll at Target, and recently did an unboxing of her on our YouTube Channel. Check it out!

She is such a cute little baby girl. She does NOT use any batteries, but still is able to Drink and Wet, Eat and Poop, Potty Training. She wears an adorable little kitty hat, a cute kitty onesie, and a beautiful pink tutu!

This sweet little girl came with a pacifier that fits just right in her little mouth:

And a bowl with a storage slot for her little eating spoon:

And a Potty so she can be Potty Trained:

She came with a beautiful PINK Doll Diaper:

A cute little Doll Bottle:

Baby Born Doll Food Packet:

A Baby Born Doll Birth Certificate:

What do you think of her? Isn't she so beautiful??