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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hasbro Replaces Zoe's Broken Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll!

Zoe is really happy! We heard back from Hasbro, and I have to say that I am impressed with their customer service. In regards to Zoe's Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, they said they would replace her. They sent me a postage paid shipment label, and even though Zoe's baby has been given a haircut, they will give her a whole new Baby Alive to replace the one she has that isn't working. Hasbro's customer service even said, "Feel free to keep all of her accessories". They seemed really personable when I wrote back asking if it was okay that Zoe had given Eloise a haircut, and said it was absolutely fine. I feel really wonderful about the whole situation, and will be packing Eloise for shipment, tomorrow...UNLESS she is working.... Maybe she is drying out and working again, because tonight, Zoe turned Eloise on, and she was working. We will give it a try, tomorrow, and if she is working, then we won't need to send her in. We shall see!! I will be sure to update if Eloise is working, and if not, how long it takes to receive the Baby Alive Real Surprises replacement doll. So far, I am IMPRESSED with Hasbro's customer service. They said they want to make quality products for their customers. :-)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

See inside Baby Alive Real Surprises

Open Baby Alive
Baby Alive Taken Apart

Well...Our Baby Alive's have not been working well. I wrote Hasbro, and haven't heard back, so I bit the bullet, and took them apart. They were wet inside near the electronics. I'm not sure if we fed them too much, or what, but they were definitely wet. :-( So.... I dried them inside with cotton balls, and put them back together. They still aren't working, but we are hoping they will dry out the rest of the way on their own, and start working, again. Until then, they are on an imaginary food diet.

Opening Baby Alive 

For anyone interested in seeing what Baby Alive looks like inside, I made a small video. It isn't the best of quality, because I was working on Baby Alive, while holding  the camera, so I only took quick video of the process. Here it is, for anyone wanting to see what Baby Alive looks like on the inside. :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zoe is Sick

Zoe is home from school sick, today. She is laying on the couch watching Netflix with her Baby Alive, Eloise. <3

I posted here, about ordering a Baby Alive Food and spoon set, in hopes that the spoon would be magnetic. In update, we got the set, and the spoon is, in fact, magnetic. It isn't the same spoon that was in the photo, but its magnetic. The spoon is a little larger than the original spoon that came with Baby Alive Real Surprises, and the magnet seems a bit stronger, but looks like a great spoon. So, if you lost your magnetic Baby Alive Spoon, then this is a great solution!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby Eloise is Feeling Better

Zoe's Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll is feeling a little better, today. She works a little bit when we push her button, now. She isn't working perfectly, but we have high hopes that she will be all better soon. Zoe is feeling happy and hopeful. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Eloise and Violet are playing quietly in the playpen, right now. They are having fun drinking imaginary milk in their real baby bottles and real baby pacifiers during their quiet time. We are crossing our fingers that Eloise will be all better, soon. Hopefully she just needs a little time to dry out, or something like that.

We still haven't heard from Hasbro, but hopefully things will resolve themselves completely within a few days, and Zoe's Baby Alive will be working like new, again. :-)

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eloise is Sick :-(

Baby Alive Real Surprises

Eloise with her stylin' new hairdo and onesie.

Poor Zoe... Her Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll is not working. When we switch her on, she giggles, but that is it. She doesn't respond to her spoon, bottle, or pacifier. When we push on her tummy, she doesn't do anything, either. We changed her batteries, and still she is not working. Zoe is so upset. We are thinking maybe Eloise's tummy button got wet inside, so hopefully it will dry and she will start working, again. Until then, Eloise has to eat and drink imaginary food. Imaginary Baby Alive Food is not near as fun, though, because there is no poop and pee. I did write to Hasbro to see what they have to say about this issue. We are hoping they will have a simple solution for us. Eloise is exactly one month old, and already she doesn't work. :-( I will write an update on baby Eloise, soon. *Crossing fingers that Eloise will be okay*! Meanwhile, I have turned Violet off, too. The babies are being silent and both eating only imaginary food and baba. Lets hope their fast ends, soon! :-)

Black Baby Alive Real Surprises

Violet sucking on her fooler (pacifier).

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Friday, January 24, 2014

I got my Baby Alive Real Surprises!

I am so excited! I got my Baby Alive Real Surprises, today! She is beautiful! I ended up getting the one with the bonus pack. The price was the same, in store, for the ones with and without the bonus pack, so of course I opted for the bonus pack. I am glad. The bonus pack, available at Walmart, comes with an extra party dress, Baby Alive brush, headband, star rattle, and furry vest. It is sooo cute. I will post a video, soon, but here is a pic of my beautiful adopted Baby Alive Real Surprises, Violet <3.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby Alive Magnetic Spoon

My DD, Zoe, lost her magnetic Baby Alive spoon. We have another Baby Alive spoon that came with Baby Alive food that we bought at Wal-Mart. The set came with packets of Baby Alive food, a Baby Alive bowl, and a Baby Alive spoon. We were excited to have another Baby Alive spoon, since my daughter has lost her Baby Alive (Eloise) spoon. We were sad, though, when she started feeding Eloise, because the spoon that came with this set does not have the magnet in it. I have to ask myself...WHY doesn't the spoon have a magnet?? Don't ALL Baby Alive's that eat Baby Alive Food utilize the magnet in order to interact while eating? :-/ So, despite the missing magnet, we have been using the spoon that does not cause Eloise to interact with her food, but it is always disappointing. Tonight, I ordered my daughter a different food set on This set doesn't come with a bowl, at all. It comes with 10 Baby Alive food packets, and one Baby Alive spoon. I HOPE the spoon has a magnet in it. If not, we may have to order her another one from Ebay. I will be sure to write an update on the set, because surely we are not the first people to lose Baby Alive's magnetic spoon (I think Eloise's spoon accidentally got thrown away with Christmas packaging).

Edit: Review HERE.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How I Make Baby Alive Food

We LOVE Baby Alive, but buying Baby Alive Real Surprises food and juice can get expensive, so we have sought out some alternative methods for making our own Baby Alive food. This is only one method we have found, and we will be posting more soon. 

Baby Alive Food


Baking Soda
Food Coloring (Any color, optional)


Place baking soda in Baby Alive bowl. Add water. Add a drop of food coloring. Stir.

Simple, right?? :-) 
Here is our video on how we make Baby Alive food out of Baking Soda!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Alive Real Surprises on SALE!

I have been doing some online shopping for my future Baby Alive Real Surprises. I had thought I would want the Brunette Baby Alive Real Surprises, since I am a brunette. I have also considered getting the African American Baby Alive Real Surprises, since I want a different one than the blonde Baby Alive Real Surprises like my DD has, but I have been unsure which Baby Alive to get. I was just surfing's sight for price comparisons, and the African American Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls are on sale right now for only 34 dollars! This is a great price, so if they are still on sale when I buy my Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, I will JUMP at the chance to get that price. :-) Here is the link!

She is really cute. I'd love to adopt her! <3

The only thing I'm struggling to decide is if it would be worth paying a higher price to get the bonus set that comes with a rattle, hairbrush, dress, and headband set. I saw some of these in a bonus set at our local Wal-mart, but I'm still unsure which to go with. So many decisions! :-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby Alive Real Surprises Review

My daughter got a Baby Alive Real Surprises doll for Christmas from my MIL. My first reaction to the doll, was honestly a little creepy. I have seen the Chucky movies, and initially, I was leery of the doll, but that soon changed.

My Baby Alive History

When I was little, I had a Baby Alive doll. I was really small, and my mom would not let me feed my Baby Alive the food packets, which really disappointed me. The whole reason I had wanted a Baby Alive doll was so that I could feed her and change her poopy diapers. I was determined that I would let my daughter enjoy her Baby Alive Real Surprises doll to the fullest, so as soon as she got home with her doll, I let her feed it.

Feeding Baby Alive Real Surprises

Baby Alive Real Surprises comes with a pacifier, a sippy cup, a feeding bowl, a feeding spoon, a bib, three Baby Alive food packets, and diapers. The Baby Alive sippy cup, pacifier, and feeding spoon that come with Baby Alive Real Surprises have magnets in them that help Baby Alive know when she is eating, drinking, or sucking. When these specific items are used with Baby Alive Real Surprises, she makes sucking and nomming sounds, as well as talking to her mommy as she eats. 

Problems When Feeding Baby Alive Real Surprises

The first time my DD fed baby alive, we did incur some problems. My daughter put Baby Alive's little bib around her neck, and we followed the directions on the food packets when mixing the food. We filled Baby Alive's bottle, and poured water up to the line on the feeding dish. My daughter poured the food packet into the water and stirred the food until it was fully mixed. I was as excited as my daughter was to start feeding the doll, as this was the part I had missed out on when I was a child. My daughter began spooning food into Baby Alive's mouth, and Baby Alive knew she had the spoon in her mouth and would interact with my daughter as she ate. Every few bites, my daughter would give Baby Alive a sip out of her sippy cup. After several bites and drinks, we started noticing some problems.

Baby Alive was stopped up! So the water and food began to stay in her mouth and would not go down any farther. I had to take baby alive into the bathroom over the sink. I shook her (Thank goodness she is only a doll, and did  not get shaken baby syndrome), I tried squirting water in her butt, I tried dumping contents out her mouth, but nothing helped. I ended up filling Baby Alive's bottle with hot hot water, and giving her a sip, I would let the hot water sit in her mouth for a few minutes, and then I would dump it out her mouth. After doing this several times, it unclogged Baby Alive, and Baby Alive food and water started coming out of her bottom the way it was supposed to.

Whew, this was a stressful and discouraging ordeal. First of all, my daughter was upset, because her precious new doll was not working right. I was upset, because my daughters new baby doll wasn't working, plus I was afraid that water or Baby Alive food would get into the electronic parts of the Baby Alive doll. All ended up fine, though, and we have since learned that Baby Alive Real Surprises dolly really needs a drink after every single bite of food that she takes, or she can easily get stopped up. 

Expensive Baby Alive Refills

Baby Alive Real Surprises is a fun doll, but her refills are more expensive than those for REAL babies. Maybe the "REAL Surprise is the cost of the refills! My daughter had used up all of her diapers and food packets within the first day of having her new doll. When we went to the store to purchase more, we were shocked by the price. Baby Alive diapers were 6.99 for 6 diapers. Do the math. Baby Alive diapers cost more than one dollar each!

Instead of purchasing the Baby Alive Diapers, we ended up buying my daughter some Parents Choice Newborn Size diapers for her Baby Alive Real Surprises doll. These diapers work fine -- Maybe even better than the Baby Alive diapers, and they were only 5.99 for 40 diapers, which is WAY cheaper than Baby Alive brand diapers.

Baby Alive Food and Juice packets are VERY expensive, as well. For a 6 pack of baby food, it costed us 6.99! This is more than a dollar a pack. I almost think REAL baby food would be cheaper! I researched making homemade Baby Alive Food on the Internet, and found several recipes and ideas. One of the most popular Baby Alive Food Recipes was to mix baking soda, water, and food coloring to make Homemade Baby Alive Food. This is what we ended up doing, and while it doesn't turn out as creamy as the real Baby Alive Food, it does work.  

Other ideas that I found many young girls doing on YouTube was to use something like lotion to feed their baby dolls. I really am not sure lotion is a good alternative, however, because lotion is not cheap, either. While many girls probably have access to lotion, and it does have a creamy texture, I think it is a costly alternative to the real Baby Alive Brand Food.

A very cheap Baby Alive Juice alternative is just to add a drop of any color food coloring into Baby Alive's sippy cup. The Baby Alive Juice and Food packets are very cute, but it is silly to pay so much money for something that can be made for so cheap.

Do We LOVE Baby Alive Real Surprises?

Yes... The answer is YES. We love Baby Alive Real Surprises, despite the problems we faced, and despite the cost for refills. There are cheap alternatives, and it all adds to the REAL experience that comes with owning a Baby Alive doll. Baby Alive is about having a real experience with mess and poop and pee and baby problems. My daughter loves this doll more than any other doll, and I, her mother, am in love with the doll, too. I have decided I want one of my own, so we can both have a Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll to play with, together. 

What is this Blog About?

This blog is about Baby Alive Real Surprises. I plan to talk about daily life with Baby Alive Real Surprises, and her food, juice, diapers, and clothes. In the near future, I plan on getting my own baby alive, and will be journaling my experiences, as well as my daughter's Baby Alive Real Surprises experiences. :-) Check back for more on our Baby Alive journey, soon!