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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Where to buy Baby Alive Snackin' Luke and Accessories

It is SO Exciting to finally be getting a NEW Boy Baby Alive Doll! We have been waiting for Hasbro to make another Baby Alive Boy Doll for quite a while, and he is finally on his way!

For those of you wondering where I ordered the brand new Baby Alive Snackin' Luke Doll, you can find him right now on Amazon. If you click the affiliate link above, you will be able to purchase him.

Right now, the only one available on Amazon is the blonde-haired and blue-eyed little boy wearing the little blue outfit and a little red rocket ship spoon. 

Baby Alive Snackin' Luke eats dough doll food that is much like play-doh. The dough is placed in a plastic press that shapes different types of fruit for him to eat. 

He comes with the doll, his blue outfit, his rocket ship spoon, a bowl, a food press, two Baby Alive doll food dough's in Orange and Purple, and one new Baby Alive diaper.

Extra diapers and food can also be purchased for the Baby Alive Snackin' Luke doll.

And new Baby Alive Super Snacks Sets are also available:


The Baby Alive Super Snacks Snack Packs do include cutters for making food for Baby Alive Snackin' Sara, but these cutters do not make food for Snackin' Luke. The dough does work for Snackin Luke.

Or, you can buy Play Doh to make Snackin' Luke food.

Play Doh works just as well as Baby Alive Doll Food, and there are so many colors available. :-)

Other fun snacks to feed Baby Alive Snackin Luke are small candies:

And of course, having a Cute Boy Car Seat, Playpen, and Stroller by Joovy are really cute for Baby Alive Snackin' Luke, if you like blue:


Other accessories for Baby Alive Snackin' Luke can be found below:

Which are your favorite things? Are you getting Baby Alive Snackin' Luke? Or do you already have him? What cute boy accessories have you found for him??

Disclaimer: This post is directed towards people over the age of 13 years old. Please get your parent's help before ordering anything online.

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