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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Morning Routine

Today we did a MORNING ROUTINE with our Baby Alive Better Now Bailey (Brunette), and posted the video on YouTube:

For those of you who are unable to watch the video, I thought I would do the Morning Routine in a sort of BLOG format. This is the abridged version of this morning routine.

Look at Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Doll... She woke up! We better get her out of her crib!

Here Baby Girl. Sit here and play with your teddy bear while I make you some good breakfast!

I have her Baby Alive Bottle, Bowl, and Spoon. Now I can make her some Doll Food for Breakfast!

Let's make her some Green Veggies Doll Food for Breakfast!

Let's Pour the Green Veggies Food Packet into her bowl of water!

And let's STIR until it is a little runny so she can eat it. Do you think she will like it???

Let's start by giving her a good drink of water in her bottle. SLURP SLURP! Mmmm. She was a thirsty little girl!

Now let's give her a bite of her yummy cracker. Mmm...She really LOVES it!

Finally, she gets a bite of her green veggies.

She is such a messy eater! Look at those green veggies running down her little chin!

Let's try laying her down to eat. There, there. Now she can eat it better!

Mmmm! Those are YUMMY, Mommy!

Time for a diaper change! OooOoOhh wow! That was a MESSY DIAPER!

I think we better put some diaper ointment on her little bottom. Just a little bit...

Ahhh...Thanks Mommy. That feels much better after such a BIG MESSY Diaper!!

Now let's put on some Mustela Baby Lotion. Mmmm... It smells just like pretty flowers!

"That feels and smells so good, Mommy". She smells as sweet as fresh flowers!

Time to put on her pretty crocheted dress! Isn't she soooo pretty??

Okay... You're all done, baby girl. Here's your little teddy bear!

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