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Friday, September 22, 2017

Our Name Change

Hi Guys,

I wanted to write an update about all of our recent name changes. As many of you may have noticed recently, we had changed our name from Fun With Baby Alive to Fun With Dolls and Toys.

Many of you hated the name change and asked for it to be changed back, and we are listening to our subscribers and changing it back!

Originally, we changed our name because we were trying to incorporate all of our channels into one channel. It has come to our attention that each of our channels have different audiences and needs, so we are going back to having three separate channels.

So Fun With Baby Alive will now be only Baby Alive doll videos for the most part. Bitty Baby TV will again be Bitty Baby Videos, and we will slowly work on re-uploading our Bitty Baby Videos. And Sweetheart Babies will have videos of different dolls and toys, including reborns and realistic dolls. :-)

We apologize for any confusion or frustration this experiment may have caused our viewers, and we look forward to making more fun doll videos for each of these channels.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


Fun With Baby Alive, Bitty Baby TV, and Sweetheart Babies :-)

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