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Saturday, September 30, 2017

NEW Baby Alive Cute Hairstyles Baby

Kohl's recently came out with a NEW BABY ALIVE doll. Her name is the Cute Hairstyles Baby. She has really long pretty hair, and many hair accessories to style her hair in many different ways. 

What makes this doll wonderful, is not only does she have really cute hair accessories, but she is also a DRINK AND WET DOLL. This allows the doll to be played with and nurtured in many different ways. 

First of all, this BABY ALIVE doll is fun because her hair is long. Her hair can be braided, or styled down in many different ways. She also has pretty colored hair extenstions that can be clipped into her already long hair.

She comes with so many ACCESSORIES!

First of all, she comes with a really cute purple doll comb. It has the Baby Alive Logo on it, as well as cute little hearts:

If you prefer to brush your dolls hair, she also comes with a really cute brush. Look at how cute this heart shaped doll brush is:

She of course comes with a really cute purple bottle. How adorable!

A spray bottle to wet her hair for easier styling:

A flower barrette:

A butterfly Barrette:

And this adorable star barrette:

Oh, and don't forget this precious little toy blow dryer. It really spins when you squeeze the handle!

Not picture are three hair extensions of different colors, and a diaper for when she drinks and wets!

You can find this doll in some Kohl's stores 

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