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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ruben's Barn Baby Doll Molly

Hello from this little cutie. She is a Ruben's Barn Baby Doll named Molly. Isn't she cute? She is an all cloth anatomically correct baby doll, and we really love her.

Her open mouth can take a pacifier. The pacifier comes separate from the doll in a bottle and pacifier set, but is so worth it for her to be able to use a paci. 

The Bottle is all cloth and fits perfectly in her little mouth. It is really cute!

Here is her little paci. She loves it!

When she isn't sucking a pacifier or a bottle, her tongue can be pulled out to make her stick it out. SO CUTE!

Here she is without her tongue out. She is such a cute little baby doll.

We also ordered her Pajama Set. They are so cute with little owls.

And her little feeding set comes with a reversible bib!

The feeding set also comes with a little blue cup with a pink heart and two pink handles. So adorable!

And look at the little spoon! It is all made completely of cloth.

We love Molly by Ruben's Barn. She is snuggly, and has so many ways to play!

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