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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby Alive Doll Twin Center

We recently got the new Baby Alive Doll Twin Center for our Baby Alive Dolls.

It is really cool and has two beds for our baby dolls. Including a little blanket that says Baby Alive on it.

We tried out the top bunk with our Sweet Tears Baby Alive Doll, Crystal. Isn't she cute in it??

Here she is all covered up with the Baby Alive comforter. So presh!

We put our Baby Alive Snackin' Luke, Sean Patrick, on the bottom bunk. He looks cute in it, even though the colors are pink. 

Underneath both of the beds is a storage section with two little storage drawers. 

We put some Baby Alive Doll food in one drawer, including the dough food, and a little Baby Alive Strawberry Yogurt and a Strawberry Yogurt doll spoon in the left side drawer.

In the other drawer, we put a Baby Alive Magic Milk Bottle and a Baby Alive Spray bottle.

The Doll Twin Center also has two little high chairs for the babies. Here is Meredith, our Baby Alive Better Now baby in one side. 

Doesn't she look so cute sitting in it?

Our Baby Alive Baby's Got New Teeth Doll, Kelsey, got to try out the other side high chair.

She is such a little sweetheart sitting there in it.

This Baby Alive Doll Twin Center is a really sweet set, and we highly recommend it to anyone with more than one Baby Alive Doll. With two beds, two high chairs, two hangers, and two storage bins, it really is an efficient way to care for Baby Alive dolls. 

What do you think of it?? We think it is really cute and FUN!


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