Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Baby Alive Real Surprises Clothes

My Life Doll Clothes at Walmart

When I went to exchange my Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, yesterday, I got to looking at more My Life Doll clothes. My Life dolls are a knock-off brand of American Girls dolls that are sold at Walmart. They have really cute clothes and accessories for these dolls, and since I had read that American Girl doll clothes fit Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls, I had thought to try the shoes, recently. We had already purchased some of the My Life Doll shoes, and they fit our Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls really well. I was looking through the My Life clothes and found the cutest little skorts, jacket, and tee set for $9.98. It is super cute, and Zoe has been wanting a jacket with a zipper and hood for her Baby Alive, so I thought I would get it for her, since I was exchanging and getting a new doll, today, and she was still waiting for Hasbro to send her a new Baby Alive. She needed something to make her feel better about her long wait for her precious baby doll.

My Life Doll Shoes

After picking out a cute outfit for Zoe's Baby Alive doll, I also picked out two pairs of new shoes. I opted to buy one pair of purple canvas My Life Doll Shoes and a pair of pink canvas My Life Doll Shoes. These little tiny shoes look like knock-off Tom's for dolls, and are only $2, each. They are adorbs! 

The My Doll Tom's Knock-offs do fit our Baby Alive dolls, but they are a booger to get on. Ugh... Not quite as simple as the Mary Janes or the Pink Slip-ons, but they do fit, and are very cute. 

Baby Alive Real Surprises OOTD

My Life Doll Clothes on Baby Alive
Zoe holding Violet in the My Life clothes and shoes

When I gave Zoe her new doll outfit and shoes, she was so excited that she wanted to try them on Violet, since she doesn't have Eloise back, yet. The outfit and shoes look very cute on Violet, and we will probably be buying our Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls more My Life clothes and shoes in the future. I would love to buy some Baby Alive Clothes, but our local Walmart only has size medium in stock, right now. I hope they restock their Baby Alive clothes, soon! 


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