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Monday, February 3, 2014

I Exchanged my Broken Baby Alive at Wal-Mart

Broken Baby Alive
My Baby Alive Back in Her Box

My Baby Alive Stopped Working

Less than a week after buying my beautiful Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, Violet, she stopped working. Zoe's Baby Alive had stopped working, too, and has been sent back to Hasbro for an exchange. I would have exchanged Zoe's Baby Alive at Wal-Mart, but we didn't keep her box, so we couldn't. I did still have my Baby Alive box, though, so I was able to exchange my doll.

The Walmart Baby Alive Exchange

I really did not want to exchange her, because I had given her a really cute hair cut, and grown so attached to her. I decided I could re-cut my baby's hair, though, because after paying over $50 for a doll, she should at least last longer than a week. I regretfully packed Violet up in her box, and took her into the store. I had worried that they might not let me exchange her, because she had a haircut, but they did not say anything about it. 

Limited Feeding for my new Baby Alive Real Surprises

My NEW Violet is home, and has adjusted to her life, quite well. She has been fed once, and I am being extra careful to not give her as much water this time. While I feel that they should make these babies able to drink and eat an unlimited amount without getting wet, I have learned NOT to give them too much water. We only fed Violet one packet of Baby Alive food and water in her bottle up to the lowest line. I am crossing my fingers she keeps working!

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