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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby Alive Magnetic Spoon

My DD, Zoe, lost her magnetic Baby Alive spoon. We have another Baby Alive spoon that came with Baby Alive food that we bought at Wal-Mart. The set came with packets of Baby Alive food, a Baby Alive bowl, and a Baby Alive spoon. We were excited to have another Baby Alive spoon, since my daughter has lost her Baby Alive (Eloise) spoon. We were sad, though, when she started feeding Eloise, because the spoon that came with this set does not have the magnet in it. I have to ask myself...WHY doesn't the spoon have a magnet?? Don't ALL Baby Alive's that eat Baby Alive Food utilize the magnet in order to interact while eating? :-/ So, despite the missing magnet, we have been using the spoon that does not cause Eloise to interact with her food, but it is always disappointing. Tonight, I ordered my daughter a different food set on This set doesn't come with a bowl, at all. It comes with 10 Baby Alive food packets, and one Baby Alive spoon. I HOPE the spoon has a magnet in it. If not, we may have to order her another one from Ebay. I will be sure to write an update on the set, because surely we are not the first people to lose Baby Alive's magnetic spoon (I think Eloise's spoon accidentally got thrown away with Christmas packaging).

Edit: Review HERE.

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