Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

See inside Baby Alive Real Surprises

Open Baby Alive
Baby Alive Taken Apart

Well...Our Baby Alive's have not been working well. I wrote Hasbro, and haven't heard back, so I bit the bullet, and took them apart. They were wet inside near the electronics. I'm not sure if we fed them too much, or what, but they were definitely wet. :-( So.... I dried them inside with cotton balls, and put them back together. They still aren't working, but we are hoping they will dry out the rest of the way on their own, and start working, again. Until then, they are on an imaginary food diet.

Opening Baby Alive 

For anyone interested in seeing what Baby Alive looks like inside, I made a small video. It isn't the best of quality, because I was working on Baby Alive, while holding  the camera, so I only took quick video of the process. Here it is, for anyone wanting to see what Baby Alive looks like on the inside. :-)


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