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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eloise is Sick :-(

Baby Alive Real Surprises

Eloise with her stylin' new hairdo and onesie.

Poor Zoe... Her Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll is not working. When we switch her on, she giggles, but that is it. She doesn't respond to her spoon, bottle, or pacifier. When we push on her tummy, she doesn't do anything, either. We changed her batteries, and still she is not working. Zoe is so upset. We are thinking maybe Eloise's tummy button got wet inside, so hopefully it will dry and she will start working, again. Until then, Eloise has to eat and drink imaginary food. Imaginary Baby Alive Food is not near as fun, though, because there is no poop and pee. I did write to Hasbro to see what they have to say about this issue. We are hoping they will have a simple solution for us. Eloise is exactly one month old, and already she doesn't work. :-( I will write an update on baby Eloise, soon. *Crossing fingers that Eloise will be okay*! Meanwhile, I have turned Violet off, too. The babies are being silent and both eating only imaginary food and baba. Lets hope their fast ends, soon! :-)

Black Baby Alive Real Surprises

Violet sucking on her fooler (pacifier).

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