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Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Alive Real Surprises on SALE!

I have been doing some online shopping for my future Baby Alive Real Surprises. I had thought I would want the Brunette Baby Alive Real Surprises, since I am a brunette. I have also considered getting the African American Baby Alive Real Surprises, since I want a different one than the blonde Baby Alive Real Surprises like my DD has, but I have been unsure which Baby Alive to get. I was just surfing's sight for price comparisons, and the African American Baby Alive Real Surprises dolls are on sale right now for only 34 dollars! This is a great price, so if they are still on sale when I buy my Baby Alive Real Surprises doll, I will JUMP at the chance to get that price. :-) Here is the link!

She is really cute. I'd love to adopt her! <3

The only thing I'm struggling to decide is if it would be worth paying a higher price to get the bonus set that comes with a rattle, hairbrush, dress, and headband set. I saw some of these in a bonus set at our local Wal-mart, but I'm still unsure which to go with. So many decisions! :-)

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