Baby Alive Doll Diapers

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Baby Alive Cute Hairstyles Baby Mae Bottle and Changing

We did a name reveal of our Baby Alive Cute Hairstyles Baby that we got from Kohl's. Her name is Baby Mae. 

She is so cute. For those looking for a good Baby Alive doll to give for Christmas, then we highly recommend her. She has super cute LONG hair, and she is also a drink and wet doll, which makes her really fun in so many ways.

First, we let Baby Mae eat a little cookie or cracker. She doesn't come with this cracker, but we got it with other Baby Alive Dolls. 

Nom Nom Nom. Nom Nom Nom. She really likes it.

After eating her cookie she was really thirsty. So we filled her bottle with water.

Mmmm Nommy bottle. This is so good mommy.

She drank her whole bottle! Such a good girl!

Time for a new diaper!

She is such a good girl for her diaper change.

Time to change her dress. Her original dress doesn't have velcro, so it is a little hard to get off. But this dress has velcro, so it isn't hard to get on.

Doesn't she look so pretty?

We have this adorable spray bottle that came with her. It uses and sprays real water in her hair.

We use her cute little comb to brush her hair.

And a very pretty little butterfly barrette that she came with.

She is so pretty with her little butterfly in her hair.

One finishing touch. She needs a Baby Alive Pacifier. This one matches her dress. It is yellow with pink.

Isn't she beautiful???


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