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Monday, October 9, 2017

Our New Cupcake Fairy Reborn Painted by Kelli Maple

We recently bought a new fantasy reborn baby doll. She is the Cupcake Fairy reborn doll by Denise Pratt, and was reborned by Kelli Maple, and is so cute. 

She has the cutest little fingers that are so soft and movable. Look at her tiny hands. Aren't they darling?

Check out her little mouth. Her tiny tongue shows as we get ready to do her face reveal.

She has beautiful pink and purple fairy markings on her sweet little face, and dark painted hair. Kelli did a wonderful job.

Her little pointed fairy ears are so precious. And look at the details of her painted hair. Kelli Maple even put glitter in her hair to make her a bit more magical.

She can almost kind of suck her little fairy thumb. Isn't she a sweet tiny little baby?

She is around 15 inches, and curls up into a sweet little bundle of fairy baby.

AND... Check out this picture of our Cupcake Fairy's tiny little bottom is signed by Kelli Maple with a little heart.

And last of all, she has the cutest little baby tummy. She is such a sweet little baby added to our reborn collection. We haven't ever had a fantasy reborn, so this is a new experience for us. We love dressing her and playing with her.

Watch our UNBOXING video, here:

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