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Friday, October 13, 2017

Which Baby Alive Dolls can use the Pacifier from the New Mommy Kit?

We are loving our Baby Alive New Mommy Kit. It came with a lot of different accessories. You can see our blog post about it here.

One of our favorite accessories with the New Mommy Kit is the NEW Baby Alive Pacifier. It is so blue and cute with three little hearts. Isn't it adorable?? What do you think about it?

We had someone request that we show which Baby Alive dolls could use the New Mommy Kit Pacifier, so we made a video trying the new pacifier with several of our Baby Alive dolls. 

Here is Kelsey our Baby Alive Baby's got NEW Teeth Doll. The new pacifier fits easily into her mouth and looks so adorable on her. Don't you think?

We also tried the pacifier on our Baby Alive Baby Go Bye-Bye Doll, but unfortunately her mouth was too small, and the pacifier couldn't go in her mouth. Ah well..

Beatrix, our Baby Alive 2006 doll can use the pacifier. It looks really cute on her, doesn't it? The blue in the pacifier brings out her beautiful blue eyes.

We didn't have any luck getting the pacifier in our Baby Alive Hairstyles baby from Kohl's. Her mouth was just too small. 

Our Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Luke doll can use the pacifier. Do you think it looks okay on a baby boy like our Sean Patrick? It is a little loose in his mouse, but it does work okay.

Unfortunately, our Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Noodles Baby has too tiny of a mouth to fit the new pacifier. Her noodle snackin' mouth is just way too small. 

But we were excited when the pacifier fit well into our Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll. It is a little loose, but works well enough. I think it looks cute in her little mouth. What do you think?

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